Welcome to 2021! A year we wish for us all to view as the great comeback...

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Welcome to 2021!

A year we wish for us all to view as the great comeback, when everyone works to build back better, forge new business, do good and enjoy every moment.

At the Chamber we are looking forward to continuing to increase Swedish business imprint in Taiwan and drive interest in cross country values and culture together with our members. We’re currently planning several events while keeping a close eye on what Health minister and CECC head Uncle Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) says about physical gatherings.

To continue fostering young, creative business talents in international trade and industry I am very pleased to announce that the Scholarship Fund for Swedish Youth Abroad has granted the Chamber funding for an internship also during 2021-2022. This scholarship significantly contributes to the success of our operation and will certainly benefit you as a member. Come June 1st 2021 Julia Bergström will have spent 12 months at the Chamber. An advert to find her replacement went live last week and filling her shoes will certainly not be an easy task!

As for visibility, we are experiencing an increasing number of external stakeholders who are taking notice of the Chamber and its members. Government officials, educational institutions, local NGOs and Taiwanese companies are starting to reach out to us in greater numbers wanting to discuss collaborations with our members. Our assumption is that this is a combination of increased interest in Swedish investments, culture and social values, the very well-received Business Climate Survey which we sent by snail mail to every Taiwanese minister in the Executive Yuan back in December last year. 

We are all seen as making a positive impression in Taiwan.

We are pleased to present to you a free of charge online session with Johan Nylander, author of the newly published book “The Epic Split – Why ‘Made in China’ is going out of style." On February 18th, he will be offering you a balanced look at the deep set of problems facing US-China relations, and is particularly trenchant in laying the difficulties companies will face in choosing sides in this titanic struggle.

There's Swedish whisky in sight!

Thanks to our member Vana Living, we're pleased to offer our members and friends a series of whiskey tasting sessions at Henry's Bar at The Sherwood Hotel in Taipei during February. These tasting sessions clocks in under one hour so you'll be home in time for dinner, but don't forget to leave your car at home!

Do you want to know what it’s like to go from entrepreneur to business owner in Taiwan? Join us in this interactive seminar! For this casual and relaxed event, we will order pizza to enjoy during our talks. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei sponsors the event with pizza and beer. Two distinguished guests are making us the great pleasure of attending the event to share their stories and answer your questions.

What are Swedish tacos? Are they anything like “real” tacos? Not really. Swedish tacos have their own unique flavor and are super easy to make, so why not make a lunch out of it and join us to try them yourself?

There is a limited number of spots, so to join this event, please sign up via this link: https://forms.gle/4cZe145figiVeRGA6
We have also been approached by several expat volunteers wanting to be part of the events and activities the Chamber organizes. As the small and agile organisation we are, we are ever so grateful for this and look forward to engaging and working with you.

We bid farewell to Vlad Månsson who is moving to Chicago to run Business Sweden in the US. Business Sweden and the Chamber have formed a tight and strong Swedish alliance and it’s been an absolute pleasure working closely with Vlad these past 6 months. We look forward to continuing this tradition with his successor. Oh, and we trust Vlad will off-board the plane at Chicago O’Hare airport wearing the Chicago Cubs cap we gave him as a parting gift.
In December last year we initiated a discussion with Taiwanese authorities, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the organisationSwedes Worldwideabout Covid-19 vaccination for (Swedish) expats. It’s been a healthy debate, where our initial notion was not to work out how and whether Sweden intends to vaccinate Swedes living abroad, but to bottom out which options exist for Swedes living in Taiwan. The debate culminated in an interview in Sveriges Radios Eko and a status summary from SVIV and we now have a better view of our options. We assume Sweden has taken the same stance on expats and citizens living abroad as most other countries have, and we will leave this for you to explore for your respective countries.
We have also continued to drill and dig further into why postal services between Taiwan and Europe (Sweden) are unreliable to the brink of non-existent.
In closing, we extend our sincere thanks to all members for being part of the 2020 journey and very special thank you to those who sponsored our events, allowing us to make things a little bit more vibrant.
Swedish Chamber of Commerce Taipei
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