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Hosted at the newly renovated VanaLiving tasting room on Fuxing North Road in Taipei, we welcome Chamber members and guests with an exciting Gin based cocktail whilst you relax and unwind. Following a brief introduction from the CEO and Founder of Vana Living, Mr. Robin Johansson we will get straight into the good stuff – tasting the Purity Gin. Delicious canapé's are served throughout whilst we discuss the perfect serve and you give us your valuable feedback.

The secret behind Purity Distillery


The Purity Distillery can be found at the 13th century Ellinge castle in southern Sweden. Our production process is the way that spirit has been made for centuries – the old-fashioned way, using local organic ingredients and soft, pure water from the land around us. Our master distiller, Stefan Magnusson, has spent over 10 years refining the multiple distillation process that brings the unique taste and smoothness to each of our spirits.


Purity vodka is one of the few vodkas and one of the first in the world that can boast a Certified Organic classification.

What that means is that our main ingredients – Swedish wheat and malted barley – are carefully selected without any chemical cultivation or processing. We also believe that organic means a much better tasting vodka and better, of course, for the environment. And, as we've won the distinction of 'Best Vodka of the Year' multiple times, international spirit judges seem to agree with our methods.


Unlike most commercial distilleries, which use a limited, expedited process, The heart of Purity spirits are distilled multiple times (34 and 51), by slowly and gently warming the ingredients. As a result of this long, low-temperature distillation, all of the flavors of the blend are brought to the fore and the smoothness of the finished product is unparalleled.


All of our spirits are created in a custom-built 600-liter copper still (not stainless steel). Besides the inherent beauty of the object – looking something like a time machine or steam engine – there is an empirical logic behind the use of copper. Taste. Copper reacts on a molecular level during distillation, creating a blend that simply tastes better than any other material.


Just as important as the length of time it takes to distill a spirit, it is equally crucial to find the magic number of distillations necessary to achieve the perfect balance of smoothness and flavor. It took over a decade for our master distiller to find that 34 distillations yielded an amazing spirit, and when taken further to 51 distillations, it created an entirely new taste experience. The numbers of distillations really do matter to the end result.


'The perfect cut' is not a poetic expression but rather a real process of isolating the head, body and tail of a spirit (much like a perfumer does) in order to get to the heart, or perfect cut. This takes an expert, or master distiller, years to perfect – which elements to keep or discard from the distillation – and know what flavors or ingredients to accentuatein the process. Purity are only interested in the perfect cut.


It all starts with utilizing amazing, organic ingredients, but then you need to know what to do with them. Just as a master chef knows what a recipe needs, so too does a master blender. Clean, soft Swedish water blended gently with wheat andmalted barley for the vodkas, and for the gins and spritzes – botanicals, berries and fruits merge to create subtle and refined flavors that are truly unique to the Purity experience.

Apr 21, 2023

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM GMT+8

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Vana Living
No.19-2, Lane 231, Fuxing North Road
Taipei, Taiwan

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